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Bring donations to GLC office on Monday, Sept. 20th or Thursday, Sept. 23rd between the hours of 9AM & 12 Noon. Click above button for list of needs


Lutheran Disaster Response ( LDR)





and Lutheran Social Services of Northern California(LSS) 




Both are ready to receive donations that will be used to offer support, healing and hope. LDR and LSS are known for accompanying communities and families impacted by disasters for the long haul; they are often among the last to leave.  They will coordinate with local congregations and relief agencies to put your gifts to the best and most needed uses.    

As lead affiliate for Lutheran Disaster Response, we've been hard at work here at LSS supporting the disaster relief efforts. When you donate to fire relief efforts through LSS, you help residents rebuild their lives, one day at a time.  Please consider supporting those in need by making a donation today: 

Judy's Church, Lutheran Church of the Ascension

Monthly Donor Profile: 

Judy Moriarty 


Without the loyal support of our monthly donors, Lutheran Social Services wouldn't be able to help our clients transition from homelessness or the brink of homelessness, to living independently.


Judy Moriarty, 86, has been a monthly LSS donor for over ten years, and she is a member of Lutheran Church of the Ascension in Citrus Heights, CA. Despite having her income cut in half two years ago, Judy continues to support LSS. Judy emanates joy, laughs often, speaks lovingly of her children and how close they are, and says, "don't tell anyone I'm 86, I look 19."


Judy is inspired by the work of Lutheran Social Services, and wishes she could donate even more.


"I feel like my little bit helps, and the thank you letters I get make me feel like a little bit is okay. And I try to talk to other people about LSS, and our church is very aware of LSS."


In response to being thanked for being a monthly donor, Judy responded that she wants to thank the staff at LSS most of all.


"I'm so grateful for people at LSS who do this work - without you this couldn't be done. And I know the money is short all the time, never enough for your work. I thank God for you guys."


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to Judy, and all of our other monthly donors, who make our work here at LSS possible. When you sign up to be a monthly donor, you are signing up to change lives.


To find out more about how to become a monthly donor at LSS, please visit our website at:

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