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Wednesday Night Soup Suppers 6PM
Worship Service 7PM


  If you have been away from church for a while this is a great opportunity to find your way back in.  It is a beautiful service full of amazing music.  I great thing to dedicate yourself to this Lenten season.   We will have plenty of soups, just bring yourself! 
God Bless!  
Pastor Kristi

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Watch For These Events Coming Soon
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Palm Sunday Worship Service April 2nd- 10AM
Maundy Thursday Evening Service April 6th-7PM
Good Friday Evening Service April 7th- 7PM
Easter Sunday Worship Service April 9th-10A
Easter Egg Hunt after worship-11:15AM


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Just a reminder, we will have Worship Thursday and Friday at 7PM and Sunday April 9 at 10AM followed by A light brunch and Easter Egg Hunt at 11AM!  It is only a few weeks ahead and we have some specific tasks that we need done. 


1.  Donate for our Easter Lilies in honor of a loved one.  The last day to do this is April 2.  Please let us know if you are interested. 


2.  Fill Easter eggs...  we have a large amount of eggs, or you may purchase new ones and fill them for the egg hunt with what ever wrapped candy of your choice.  We need these also by the April 2. 


3.  We need someone to help decorate the Easter tables in the Fellowship Hall.  See pastor to set up time to do this. 


4. We need people to bring backed goods, for Easter Brunch and some volunteers to set it up before worship.  Sign up will be in sanctuary. 


5. We need someone to set up tables and chairs for Easter in Fellowship Hall, need to arrive and set them up at/around 9AM Easter.  


6.  Need people to hide/ place eggs Easter Sunday, need to arrive around 9:15 or 9:30 Easter Sunday.


7.  Need people to put up Easter banner this week.  Located in Fellowship Hall. 


8. Need names of friends who might be interested in getting a butterfly card inviting them to Easter Sunday.   Will contain flying butterfly. 


9.  Last but definitely not least....  Need people to come to CLEAN UP DAYS!  


Thursday March 30 at 10AM.  Focus will be on Sanctuary and kitchen if time allows.   

Sunday April 2 at 9Am.  Focus will be on Fellowship Hall followed by outdoors.  (we will be working around Seventh Day Adventist use of facilities.    It will be good to have a list for each area, if you have ideas please see Bill Dabbs or Pastor.   Loud cleaning, like power washing will be arranged for another time. 


10.  We need you there Sunday, it is just not the same without you!    Pastor

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